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The Chandler Travis and Duke Lanoix mysteries.

       "Stories with one foot in the past."


LOUISIANA BLOOD  The first of the Chandler Travis and Duke Lanoix mysteries. WINNER of the Mill City Press 2018 author award. WINNER of the International Press distinguished favorite award for cover design,

FINALIST Screencraft cinematic book award.

W​hen five victims of serial killer JACK THE RIPPER, turn up in a swamp more than a century after their deaths and thousands of miles from the crime scene, an English detective and a Louisiana sheriff form an unlikely duo to unravel the ultimate conspiracy, and reveal the Rippers true identity.” Louisiana Blood is an epic thriller that follows the trail of history's most mysterious serial killer from the Victorian London of 1888, to the oil fields of present day Louisiana, combining nail biting suspense with explosive action and conspiracies galore.



 "The great thing about Jack the Ripper is that nobody knows the truth, so it is possible to write anything you like about him. Mike Donald has done just that. He has taken some enormous liberties with the known facts, but who cares? This is fiction at it best. He has come up with an absolutely corking plot that grabs the attention from the start and should satisfy any lover of this prototypical Victorian mystery. If somebody doesn't snap up Louisiana Blood and turn it into a movie, there is no justice.

Simon D Wood - Author "Deconstructing Jack"

"A real page-turner that throws you from present-day Louisiana to the smog-filled streets of Victorian London. The author keeps you gripped, whichever timeline you're in, and slowly but surely the mystery unravels. I can highly recommend and advise you to buy it now before the film is made - which should certainly happen. "


In the ancient Belgium city of Bruges, the local police soon realise that their case bears striking similarities to Chandler and Dukes recent investigation out in Louisiana, and call on their expertise to close the case before it damages their tourist trade.

But the team soon discover links back to 17th century Bruges, and the horror of the witch-hunts, when hundreds of women were burnt at the stake. But one witch survived her ordeal. And now she's back in Bruges, looking for revenge.

As Chandler and Duke dig deeper into the past they face corrupt officials and dark forces that threaten not only their own lives and those of their loved ones, but their very souls. Now they must confront a powerful Uber witch and the ancient order of IGNIS she commands, on and beneath the streets of the city…a confrontation that will change their lives forever, and unlock a power held within the city for centuries. A power known by the few as BRUGES BLOOD.

"If you love paranormal thrillers with a historical twist get this now! "

"Chandler Travis and Duke Lanoix are at it again, this time in the beautiful medieval City of Bruges, Belgium. Mike Donald has written a tightly woven mystery, blending the secrets of a 17th century serial killer with a parallel contemporary investigation using the most modern of policing techniques. The characters are vibrant, the setting spectacular and the story fast-paced. Bruges Blood is a worthy sequel to Louisiana Blood, and a must buy for fans of mystery thrillers with a supernatural twist."

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Do you like stories with a twist?

The Archimedes Principle V2 BB 2.png

With Duke, Roxie, and Chandler on the case in Venice, Detectives  Hoog and Katja must solve the mystery of the missing statues and their link to a cache of Russian gold.


DECEPTION. We’ve all dealt with it. Whether it’s deception of self, others, or being victimized by someone else’s lies, these are all themes that are familiar to the independent writers of the Writing Bloc Cooperative. In the second collection of short stories presented by Writing Bloc Publishing, twenty-four up-and-coming authors illustrate the many facets of DECEPTION.

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